Support the abortionist, you are the abortionist,

just as culpable and equally accountable!

Man, woman, unborn child; a human family, three distinct and unique human persons. Man, woman, unborn child; humanity’s responsibility. Humanity: very man a father, every woman a mother, every unborn child a precious gift to be safe guarded. “A woman has a right to decide about her own body” has become a license for a man and woman to destroy a defenseless, distinct and unique human person, which they alone created, their unborn child. In truth, a crime committed against humanity due to a fatally flawed Supreme Court decision in 1973. Legalized, it is indeed no longer rare and America can count itself with all those historic regimes which perpetrated massive “crimes against humanity”! The Abortionist-Democrat-Alliance coalesced with its ardent followers and they are quick to ridicule humanitarian pro-life efforts at every opportunity. It matters not to them that the Alliance has no interest in the canard “A woman has a right to decide about her own body” or the humanity of our unborn! Financial and political profit drives the Alliance and nothing else! America, descending into the dustbin of historic evil.


It does not escape the rational mind that when the freedom to be born was destroyed, freedom for the rest of us was sure to follow, and the Alliance will ensure it.


Humanitarian pro-life witness has peacefully influenced 37 men and women to bring their unborn child to term this year in the greater Boston area. The Alliance and their supporters would wish otherwise! Sad times indeed!


Any threat to the Alliance's financial and political

profit must be ridiculed and silenced!

They are convinced that only they know what is good for you!

Things going well?