(1859) “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, ………” Charles Dickens.


155 years later, the best of times is no more. The worst of times is surely at our doorstep. Indeed we are at the knee of the asymptote for the worst of times that humanity has ever experienced! Not since Cain killed Abel has such hatred ingrained itself into the fabric of humanity. The family of man has accepted the wholesale destruction of unique, defenseless individuals in the womb, the undeclared members of unique individual families. This corrupt indifference toward defenseless human life is countered with platitudes, rationalizing the carnage in terms of individual freedom and has coarsened society worldwide, beyond any vision Cain could have imagined. The traditional family is ridiculed. All that is sacred fares no better. Traditional values and laws that elevated and sustained nations to excellence are being abandoned. America, at great peril, is being unstoppably led to self-annihilation.


The world will fare no better. The nations are “united” but solve nothing that puts an end to the hatred that fumes beneath the surface between each other and the almost universal hatred toward the Nation of Israel by all others. Israel, the singular “chosen people” have been a beacon of light, a true democracy, and a living success to all the people in the land of Israel. The world, sensing this singular victory which escapes its’ grasp, views Israel with unjustifiable contempt, the very thing that caused Cain to destroy Abel. Prophesied, that in the final days the world will attempt the annihilation of Israel. Also prophesied, that God will not abandon His “chose people” in the final days. Dwell deeply if possible, on that final battle; it will be the worst of times, beyond our imagination and it will be the end of times!


The knee of the asymptote is here, hardness of heart and events are bringing us around the bend in the curve. The acceleration toward the climax will then be swift and unstoppable. Platitudes will fuel the acceleration, not delay it. Whether you believe the prophecy or not, will not matter. Even a non-believer with a rational mind, can see the futility in the nations’ activities and those who speak for them.


Saint Ignatius would ask us:      Closer to God today, with thoughts, words and actions or further away?


Truly sad times indeed.


Frank K. Porter Jr.   3 August 2014

Teen Abortion Issues

Teens Facing Abortion Issues

Text Box: The citizens have placed their trust in the Abortionist-Democrat-Alliance
Text Box: The Alliance has no love for defenseless Unborn Americans or any humanitarian pro-life witness on their behalf.
Financial and political profit from delivering babies dead defines the Alliance.
Humanitarian, peaceful, prayerful, pro-life witness is perishing along with our Unborn Americans!
The Alliance will be thrilled when it can finally claim “And then, there were none”!

America, perishing, at the hands of politically correct politicians

and their enablers, politically correct pulpits!

(43 Saved from their hands this year so far! Send help!)

Saint Ignatius would ask: “Does your public witness bring you closer to God or further away?”

Boston Catholic Insider reported on July 19, 2014


Cardinal Sean O’Malley appeared with liberal Democratic Gov. Deval Patrick on Friday to voice support for Patrick’s proposal to house illegal immigrants and offer Catholic social service assistance for illegals, while the Cardinal said nothing all week about a heinous law advancing in the Mass legislature to penalize those who try to prevent women from aborting their children. In our opinion, the Cardinal is yet more clearly showing his stripes as being a tool of the liberal Democratic pro-abortion establishment, and a hypocrite when it comes to protection of life.


On June 27,  Cardinal O’Malley came out in support of the Supreme Court decision that unanimously struck down the previous Massachusetts abortion clinic buffer zone law as unconstitutional. Never had Cardinal O’Malley been seen praying in front of an abortion clinic, but still, his statement was welcome and appreciated when he said that pro-life Americans who “peacefully pray for and offer alternatives to pregnant women approaching abortion clinics” have the same constitutional protections as anyone else  “This discriminatory law barred these citizens from gathering on nearby public sidewalks, while exempting ‘clinic escorts’ trained to expedite women into (abortion clinics),” he said. “Clearly this was an attack on pro-life Americans’ freedom of speech, and we welcome the Court’s decision to overturn the law.”

On Deaths Doorstep

It was obvious to our founders that “In God We Trust” and “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” could only achieved by those already born. A Republic that was conceived with lofty goals and born of fierce, powerful determination would set freedom as its highest standard. The men and women of the Republic also conceived and brought forth new life, unique individuals, true reflections of their very own selves and the obvious intended beneficiaries of those lofty goals. In hindsight we could suggest that the founders could never have conceived of a Republic where the Unborn would be legally denied their first and most profound freedom, to be born.


Otherwise, such would have been addressed and so it was inevitable, with an approach so subtle, that few see what had to be the obvious outcome. When the Republic withdrew the legal protection of the Unborn, their God given freedom to be born, freedom for the rest of us would naturally follow. One could call it providence, karma, fate, wisdom, insight, prophecy or properly, what it truly is. It is exactly what we deserved. Failing our most defenseless for over two generations we rendered our own selves defenseless.


The Abortionist-Democrat-Alliance currently has a death grip on the Republic. Their rhetoric and deeds expose them as the confirmed enemies of freedom for the most defenseless, our Unborn. It is also obvious that being outside the Alliance itself makes any of the rest of us their enemy as well. There is no defense for us as we elected and brought the Alliance to power. The singular freedom to rule us rules them.


We are reaping the evil whirlwind that, in denying any personal responsibility to the most defenseless, has brought the Republic to edge of certain disaster. Point of “no return” has passed; pagan and perishing; it is plain to see for any still conscious of the original reason for the Republic that it is now on deaths doorstep.


Frank K. Porter Jr.       12 August 2014