Too Few Witnesses ©

Trinity, if it is your will, Jesus please return in glory today, bring your justice to this world,

and have mercy on us sinners.

Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.

“Our tainted nature’s solitary boast” as poet William Wordsworth spoke of Mary. Mary is the perfect creation of Almighty God.  Beautiful sunrises, breathtaking sunsets, and all the creativity of human energies in between fail in comparison with Mary. Our humble attempt to describe the many qualities and attributes of Our Lady in her Litany, surely fall short of those known to Almighty God.  Mary as it pleases you, we humbly ask for your continued intercession for a weak and sinful humanity. Saint Juan Diego, please pray for us.     Too few witnesses, a sign of the final days of humanity?

“Final days” unfolding as we see Israel will soon be left standing all alone?

Nothing and no one will prevent IRAN from going nuclear !

Not in ten years ! Ten months would be no surprise !

IRAN vowed the total destruction of Israel !

Triggering the fall of the nuclear domino’s:

The world would be literally, in for the ride of it’s life !

Who will finally receive justice; we denied them ?

Text Box: Roe versus Wade stands! A Human Life Amendment does not!
Electing the deadliest enemy of Unborn Americans twice:
Unrepentant, the citizens have no regrets!
Leaving America standing on quicksand!
Text Box: I
In pagan Rome it was the State religion or the lions!
In pagan America it is political correctness or else!

SCOTUS will decide!        Question One.          Question Two.

SCOTUS destroyed the sanctity of the womb.  Why not Marriage?


Text Box: The signs of the end
2 Esdras 9      3 There will be earthquakes, national rebellions, international intrigues,
                                   unstable leaders and confused rulers.
Text Box: The Abortionist-Democrat-Alliance industry.
The unashamed face of a spiritually and morally bankrupt nation.
Our Unborn, destroyed by the spiritually and morally bankrupt.
If babies were not killed the industry would be bankrupt!
HR36, spiritually and morally bankrupt, will have no effect on the industry.
Our Unborn, “pain free” so called, will continue to profit the industry.
Church and State, spiritually and morally bankrupt, a complete failure.
The citizen’s certain fate : to be ruled by the spiritually and morally bankrupt.

“That isn’t all they do!”

Is often heard from abortion apologists regarding Planned Parenthood. They hide from the deadly reality that killing babies is the only reason Planned Parenthood remains in business!

Bankruptcy: if they only did the “other things”!

Alive at every moment before our birth, we still became hardened serial killers of O’Reilly’s “Potential Human Beings”! Millions denied Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness will receive no book, “Killing a National Treasure”! America is experiencing the final, free-fall pursuit of 42 years of self-destruction.