Too Few Witnesses ©

Trinity, if it is your will, Jesus please return in glory today, bring your justice to this world,

and have mercy on us sinners.

Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.

“Our tainted nature’s solitary boast” as poet William Wordsworth spoke of Mary. Mary is the perfect creation of Almighty God.  Beautiful sunrises, breathtaking sunsets, and all the creativity of human energies in between fail in comparison with Mary. Our humble attempt to describe the many qualities and attributes of Our Lady in her Litany, surely fall short of those known to Almighty God.  Mary as it pleases you, we humbly ask for your continued intercession for a weak and sinful humanity. Saint Juan Diego, please pray for us.     Too few witnesses, a sign of the final days of humanity?

Text Box: The citizens have placed their trust in the Abortionist-Democrat-Alliance
Text Box: The Alliance has no love for defenseless Unborn Americans or any humanitarian pro-life witness on their behalf.
Financial and political profit from delivering babies dead defines the Alliance.

Humanitarian, peaceful, prayerful, pro-life witness is perishing along with our Unborn Americans!
The Alliance will be thrilled when it can finally claim “And then, there were none”!

The A.D.A. pagan pulpits of “political correctness” !


America, perishing, at the hands of “State” politically correct politicians

and their enablers, politically correct pulpits of “Church”

Text Box: What difference does it make?
Text Box: They entered unknowing.

They had no choice.

They were unwanted.

The world ignored them.

Opposition was silenced.

They were exterminated.

By those who approved.
Text Box: What difference does it make?

For every three Americans, ages forty and younger, someone is missing!

To most of them it makes no difference and refuse to see the obvious!

Those who encourage and promote the violent destruction of our defenseless unborn for political and financial power have no interest in protecting survivors! They are care-free!

????  “In God We Trust”  ????

Forsaking our most defenseless, God has forsaken us!

Connect the dots.

When the sanctity of the womb was destroyed, every thing sacred would follow.

When the freedom to be born was destroyed, freedom for the rest of us was sure to follow.

When the sense of evil is lost, those who are, become powerful rulers of the rest.

The State has subdued the Church with its religion of political correctness.

In pagan Rome, the state religion or the lions; in pagan America, political correctness or else!

Powerful rulers keep the poor and uneducated, poor and uneducated dependents.

ISIS vows “fundamental transformation” of America.

Our leader has promised us the very same thing.

The United Nation, evil at its core, will never bring peace to the world.

Atheist doing evil in the name of the state.

Pagan doing evil in the name of freedom.

Fanatic doing evil in the name of religion.

Israel with questionable international friends is surrounded by mortal enemies.

Israel did not sign the non-proliferation treaty and is unquestionably nuclear armed.

Israel has vowed “never again” and Iran has vowed a total holocaust of Israel.

A certain inevitable climax is swiftly approaching and will envelope the “united nations”.

Israel is certainly pro-life and too few witnesses to save the rest of us from evil.

Really think much time is left?

What side will you be found on is the critical question?